Thursday, March 17, 2005

The San Francisco Treat

Here we are in Starbucks, your Friends of the Writing Center Journal 4Cs correspondents.

Neal, you aren't doing any wearin'of the green, lad. Well Michele, I have a green backpack.

Listen here about the real lasting contribution of the Irish.

So Neal, should we tell our readers about the new special feature? Sure, Michele.

Comp Celebrity Citings!

Whoa! There goes Harvey Kail just outside our window!

What are the rules again, Michele?

You can build a portfolio of points based on multiple genres of comp celebrity citings. If you have cited someone in your work and see them from a distance, that gets you five points. If you hug the person you cited it only gets you three points. Finding yourself in an elevator with someone you cited gets you 20 points--no eye contact, sweaty palms, and no verbal exchange gets you a bonus 50 points.

Ok, any points for you yet, Neal?

I hugged you Michele, but I have never cited you...
But I did see David Russell, said hello.

Good start. Five points.

I saw John Bean, Michele!

Wow! A full 20 points.

And I hugged Joan Mullin and I also have cited her.

Ok, Neal. That looks like about 28 points so far.

I don't have as many points. I did too much hugging with those I have cited. But I did see Chuck Schuster on the airplane. We did very minimal eye contact since we have met before and I have cited him.

That's okay Michele, take the full 20 points on that one. And let's split the points on citing Harvey Kail.

Thanks, Neal. You are a pal.

-------------------------------to be continued---------------------------


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been remarked that people who attend the Cs look like "teachers"! I *don't* think that was meant kindly. And, furthermore, I beg to differ. To make your Comp Celebrity Citing (CCC at the CCCC!) more exCiting and to upgrade our frumpy image, comp fashionistas could accumulate extra credit points through citings from the red carpet: Sondra Perl in Ann Taylor! (at a previous Cs: I'm only there is spirit, guys). How many points would that be worth, Michele and Neal?

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Tamara Miles said...

So interesting that you did the lunch dialogue. Last weekend, I eavesdropped on a conversation between four gay men who were at the next table. I actually lingered for their entire meal, though I had long finished mine --- just so I could listen and take notes. They talked about housekeepers and housekeeping the whole time. I knew it would make a great story, but I didn't know what the "clincher" would be. My friend Leah agrees and has given me the central part of the story I was missing: my narrator should be a housekeeper, listening to these guys run down those in her profession and then ultimately having a "f*** you" moment. I think I used the f word in another post without asteriks. I apologize if I crossed the boundaries of the blog language control committee. Let me know. So, what do you think of my idea for a story --- maybe a one-act play?

At 8:02 PM, Blogger theorris said...

Oh and I have some points for seeing both Michele and Neal. Are those meta points?

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