Friday, March 18, 2005

X-Citing Times in Frisco

View from the cable car running up Powell St.

Wednesday night, very late for those of us from other time zones. The games had not offically yet begin, but we had two comp celebrity citings at the pre-game show, sponsored by Maker's Mark.

Kirk Branch, Montana State University (Michele has cited Kirk)

Michael Spooner, Director, Utath State University Press
(Michele has cited him too)

The breakfast joint your correspondents wished we had gone to.

On Thursday, our man in San Fran, whose initials are Neal Lerner, made his way through the crowds in search of wireless coffee.

Waiting for the blog to upload . . .

We almost knocked Carol Mattingly over when we cited her on the streets. (Neal, only three points because you hugged Carol.)

And again, lost points because Neal and Michael Pemberton hugged.

Yes, Michele was nearly crushed in the hug from Melissa Iannetta. Michele and Melissa cancel each other out on points: they have cited each other.

With Deb Burns in the thick of the 4Cs floor show.

International Writing Centers Association board members, Frankie Condon and Paula Gillespie. They are not playing the game. They just like each other.

IWCA board member, Allison Holland taking pics while board member Clint Gardner mugs it up.

IWCA pres Jon Olson, signing autographs.

Meg Carroll and Carol Haviland showing off their shoes.

This correspondent claims: "There is nothing like a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, on tap, in California."

The annual writing center breakfast hosts, John Tinker and Wendy Goldberg, from Stanford.

Here, now, is the comp celebrity citings score update:

How many points do you have, Michele?

Well, the scoring system is getting very complicated. We failed to account for the variety of physical manifestations of greeting. For instance, how many points for air kisses as opposed to real hugs? How about teepee hugs? How about if you shake hands with someone whom you've cited but they don't know who you are? And, finally, how about escalator citings (we have, after all, accounted for elevators)?

But, Michele, how many points do you have?

6805. How about you, Neal?

I think I'm in the negative, Michele. Too many hugs and too many handshakes with people who had to stare long and hard at my nametag. I think I have three points.

The contest ends tomorrow at noon, so get your scores in, notarized by your hotel concierge. See you at the Rock and Roll Dance tonight, Neal.

Rock on, Michele.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger theorris said...

Good to see you all.

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures, though sorrier than ever that I wasn't there. . .

But hey, you two, it seems some credit should be given to Pete Gray and Chris Gallagher, who have played a version of this game for as long as I've known them.

A question: Why does less contact yield more points? What's the rationale? In Pete and Chris' game, it's the opposite. In fact, if you're lucky enough to touch Peter Elbow on the elbow, for example, the game's over and you've won.

So. . .what gives?

--Beth Boquet

At 8:03 PM, Blogger theorris said...

And it is good that you've discovered the wonders of Sierra Nevada on tap.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger /WCJ/ said...

Hah, not citing Pete and Chris seems like another variation on the theme, Beth. Perhaps we passed on an escalator somewhere in SF.

Now that I'm home in Boston (in the 50s today, but snow still on the ground), it all seems like one of those intense dreams you have when taking a brief afternoon nap. I wipe off the drool and wonder if it all occurred, but there are those pictures on the website. Hmm. I wonder if Michele mixed up the pictures of me and Jon Olson.


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