Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Heart of Darkness

Oh, Friends of Writing Center Journal, down that path did I go after finishing my MA and my high-school teaching credential, straight into the heart of darkness, directly into . . . retail!

Well, actually, I had worked in a bike shop throughout grad school, so it wasn't a leap to go into that line of work despite the educational path I was pursuing. I knew I'd be heading east before long, and a full-time job with a salary and benefits was hard to pass up.

So there I was, two weeks into my job fixing and selling bicycles in Palo Alto, CA, when someone from Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, CA, called me at work. We have a couple of sections of composition open, he told me, and someone at San Jose State gave me your number.

I just started a new job, I told him, I can't quit now.

We ended our conversation. A few minutes later, the person called back, offering that I could teach a Saturday section so as not to conflict with my day job. But I work here on Saturdays, I told him, it's a bike shop. Still, in those couple of minutes between phone calls, the primary thought that ran through my mind was how ridiculous it was for me to be working in a bike shop when it was teaching that I really wanted to do. In fact, I was a fairly mediocre bike shop service manager, without the passion I had for teaching. I told my Evergreen College contact to give me 24 hours to make up my mind.

That evening, my soon-to-be wife and I weighed the pros and cons of the decision in pencil on a napkin at a local Japanese restaurant. It seemed the biggest reason not to leave the bike shop was my own sense of loyalty and reluctance to tell my boss I was leaving so soon after I had accepted the job. The pros far outweighed the cons, so the next day I called the college back, accepted two sections of first-year composition, gave two weeks notice at the bike shop, picked up a section of basic writing at SJSU, and my 7-year career as an adjunct faculty member (and "freeway flier" in California parlance) had begun.

Teaching three classes at two different colleges while working full-time for two weeks at the bike shop prepared me well for the multi-tasking ahead. I would end up teaching first-year composition, basic writing, creative writing, and business communication at 11 different institutions in three states. I would teach in rural and urban community colleges, in a small all-women's private college, and sprawling urban universities. I would teach in a program for Ford Automotive Technicians, on-site at several nuclear power plants, in a program for learning-disabled adults, and GRE preparation (mostly math, actually). I taught in formats ranging from completely on-line, to contact solely by sending student drafts back and forth via US mail, to workshops for one or two after those students have worked a 12-hour overnight shift. I taught as many as six classes a semester, and the day before I got married, I was sequestered in my basement responding to student writing while my wife and mother-in-law got the house ready for our post-ceremony party. I learned a great deal over that time, developing flexibility as a teacher and a range of skills. I particularly relished opportunities to work with basic writing students and returning adults, both groups often damaged by legacies of tracking, racism, and lost opportunities. I also learned that this life would burn me out as a teacher in a hurry. By the time my wife and I were getting ready to leave Maryland for Boston (where my wife had a faculty position), I was ready to go back to graduate school for the 'ol terminal degree.

Now this narrative might seem like a wide detour from writing center work, but certainly one-to-one tutoring was never far from my mind. I tutored for a couple of different private agencies while living in Maryland, and teaching students at a distance (whether via electronic technologies or the USPS) made me think a great deal about the nature and function of response, a key element of writing center work. But it wouldn't be for another year that writing centers, Stephen North, and WCenter would come calling. All I knew at this time was that I was heading to Boston to start a doctorate in education at Boston University.

And that's where this story continues tomorrow.

Neal Lerner


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At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed your blog. Isn't it interesting how life seems to take us where we hadn't planned? I look forward to hearing your continuing saga tomorrow.

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