Friday, April 22, 2005

One Best Thing: Leisure

They say that academia moves at a glacial pace. So how come life directing a writing center can get so crazed? I often resent the way urgency seems to tyrannize my life at work. Urgent? What’s so darn urgent? Yesterday one of my tutors came screeching into my cubicle, completely panicked about some homework related to our staff development. I calmed her down with these word: There are few life and death emergencies in writing center work.

The truth is that writing center work affords much more leisure than classroom teaching. For center directing, I have very little homework: just a few lessons to plan and papers to read, but, mercifully, no papers to grade. Theoretically, I should just be able to show up with my brain and my heart and little else. And I shouldn’t forget the tangible bennies. Compared to many professions, I have ample time off.

Today I’m wondering if the pressure I feel to work faster, better, and longer isn’t largely self imposed. So today I’m taking drastic corrective measures: I’m taking the day off. I wish you could join me in the tulip fields of Mount Vernon, Washington, on this perfect 70 degree spring day. Since I know you can’t, I wish you may find in your day the softness of petals, the vitality of spring, and the majesty of mountains - and all of life's Best Things.


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