Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Summer Time--Time to Sit Back and Unwind... and Write!

To everyone who is still in the midst of finals, portfolio evals, & other dubious end-of-the-semester activities, think this: it’s almost over!! Woohoo! (No one is around right now, so I can, once again, get away with doing that.)

I’m writing (parts of) my dissertation this week. Actually, I’m writing my dissertation over the course of the entire summer. I don’t expect it to take that long—it’s been a work-in-progress for a while, & all of the information is there, sit’g on my desk, on my bookshelf, in little binders & word documents, just wait’g to be thrust onto a computer screen. Actually, much of it is already written.

But, there are so many other things one can do while writing a dissertation. This shd be obvious though. For example, we can look back at what Beth discuss’d earlier this semester in her blog “19 Things to Do When You Should Be Grading Student Essays.” Dissertations, Grading Papers, Creating Syllabi, Writing Anything (but blogs)… these are a few of my favorite things (to avoid doing until I actually “have” to do them.)

So here’s my new secret obsession: reply’g to blogs. Well, not just any blog, of course, but to the blogs of Jacob Luft, a baseball writer for In the past week, I’ve gone 3 for 6 in get’g my replies post’d to his blog site—that’s a .500 average for you stats people! (Yes, I’m a life-long Yankee fan. If anyone wants to make fun of them, you better do it now while they are still three games below .500, because it’s not going to last for long.)

Here's a link to the latest blog I replied to:

(I had to cut this address after the "may11." part, so, if you choose to go to this site, you will have to copy-and-paste the entire things, from both lines, into the URL box. It took up too much space as one long address & wdn't fit into the blog correctly. Sorry. If you do go, you'll will se my posts; I use either my first or last name--usually latter--but I am always the dude from Indiana, PA.) :)

So, to answer Roberta’s earlier blogs about what is the one best thing, I say it is this: the end of the semester. And I don’t say that b/c it represents a time when our work “stops,” because, as you all know, our work never stops. I like the end of the semester—actually, more like the end of the academic year—because it’s warm again. (And when you are living in Western PA, any day of warmth & sunshine is enthusiastically welcom’d.) It’s warm out, often sunny, & I feel that this “rebirth” parallels a rebirth of the work that I really really want to do. It’s a time when I can get back to my own bookshelf (see Tamara’s blogs) & pull down things w/o feel’g as if I am taking time away from meet’g w/ a student, or plan’g a lesson, or read’g & comment’g on someone else’s writing.

Hmm, as we learn’d from Anne Geller, I am exist’g more in epochal time right now. (Or, a time that suspiciously appears more epochal. Maybe it’s epochal time fram’d by a larger fungible clock than a semester usually permits.)

And, would you believe I still have the infamous roll of TP that Joey B so heroically pack’d into the backseat of The Brown Hornet? It’s hid’g inside an end table in my living room. I remember repack’g it into the Blue Bronco as I prepar’d to drive back across the country, only to stop short this time in PA. I thought it was funny—still do. Someday I’ll mail it to him.



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