Monday, July 04, 2005

a rose is a rose is a . . .WPA?

Quote of the day:"Administration: Think Globally, Act Locally"

What a great first day for the WPA workshop: the discussions were interesting, the material useful and the chocolate-chip and Macadamiaia nut cookies were tasty! Also, I think I've adjusted to the Alaskan time zone and the twenty hours of daylight.

As I hope to photodocument later this week, there's several of writing center directors in the workshop as well as FYW and advanced composition directors. As you'd probably expect, then, the conversations have focused on issues of common interest. Today, for example, we talked quite a bit about the question "What is a WPA?"

Some of the answers that have stuck with me: a "pope" of writing, a translator, a godparent, and the person who *always* has to be the grown up.

This questions is actually something I've thought about quite a bit in relation to writing center work: is a writing center director always a WPA? If so, what do we gain/lose by identifying as such? If not, what's the difference? Is WPA a more privileged term than writing center director? Or is it a larger concept for which writing center director serves as a subcategory? I suppose there's different answers for this question, but I wonder about the implications of our answers to these question; how our self-definitions effect our self-presentations and how we construct our work for others.

Deep thoughts, no doubt. . . . .but, there's been too much thinking today already, and I've got homework to do, so, reader, I'll leave this issue for you decide for yourself.

Tomorrow we're discussing curriculum and trends, technology and assessment, so I'd better stop writing now and get reading!

More later, Melissa


At 4:37 AM, Blogger Tamara Miles said...

I'm so happy to see new blogs on Friends of the WCJ! I don't know very much about Writing Program Administration from a global view, having been only a lowly instructor and now a novice writing studio director. However, I just checked out the Council of WPA's website and will spend some time reading the materials there. Anybody else who is interested:

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