Thursday, September 29, 2005

have truck, will haul

Sorry, Clint, but I found a taker on the recliner of note. No more lazy boy for us. Or is it LaZboy? I guess I'm not an admirer of the fine art of reclining furniture.

This week I'm working on my annual P & T stuff. Here at Ball State, we submit our file each year pre-tenure, which is good because then we get feedback each year. Still, in the midst of putting it together, it doesn't seem like a blessing. To make my Writing Center work count, I compose and include an annual report. Last year, several members of the committee who read all the gigantic files mentioned this report & were surprised by how much work directing a writing center is. I think it is an effective piece of rhetoric since there's no way to squeeze in the various things I and we (my staff) do in the official form.

Anyway, now that I'm done patting myself on the back (!), what I wanted to note was that I included in the report the changes we've made in decor in the center. A letter from a colleague on my work as director also mentions this. Even though I find this immensely important to our mission--like wearing the right clothes to a particular function--I wonder if this will sound silly or unimportant to others. [Well, isn't that sweet? You put up some posters.] I wonder if there's a way to convey that the writing center is a text which we're continually revising to meet the purposes we wish to achieve and the audience we wish to attract or keep, that what we do in the space requires research, rhetorical savvy, style, vision--just like academic writing. I think this is a hard sell.



At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I started college teaching 'lo so many years ago, I quickly became envious of elementary school teachers who had their own rooms, rather than the rent-a-space faced by adjunct faculty like me. They could hang up student writing or leave up those poster board brainstorming sheets clustered by the door or have a, gasp, permanent book collection in the room. They could, I suppose, make it look like writing center.

So I suppose, Jackie, that your colleagues simply don't have an equivalent space of their own and little perspective on what you might do with yours. You might ask them to imagine what they would do if their offices suddenly became their classrooms (or maybe that's the tradeoff--they get really big offices with windows as long as they hold classes in there).

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Clint Gardner said...

Actually I know I wouldn't put a recliner in a WC either--too much temptation to snooze on the job.

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