Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Mauling of America

How do you get this software to work anyway, Michele?

Just point and click, Neal, point and click.

Oh, okay, I think I've got it. At first I thought it was drag and drop.

We're blogging live from the IWCA/NCPTW conference in Minneapolis. How has the conference been so far for you, Michele?

Pretty darn good, Neal. I've been meeting and greeting. Saw some good sessions, too.

Me, too, Michele. But we shouldn't talk about sessions. Clint Gardner is covering that in his blog. Let's talk about the important issues here. For instance, who gets in a photo. Michele, I heard your batteries gave out taking pictures.

True that.

KU tutors Mark Anderson & Dan Watson
flanking assistant director, Moira Ozias

Swarthmore tutors with Kate (right) from
Portland State!

Folks out there reading this: you are missing some good stuff. Good sandwiches in the box lunch today too. You bethca.

You know, I heard about the newest conference hazard.

What's that Michele?

The shawl. And the name tag loss due to hugging.


The shawl is the latest conference accoutrement. Most of them look dangerous --fears abound of getting the fringe caught in elevators, escalators, zippers and whatnot.

The name tag loss due to hugging is a true henom. Many folks told me that they lost the hanging name tag after the first signficant hug of the conference. You all, go to the registration desk to retrieve lost name tags.

I found several name tags, Michele. For awhile today I was Harvey Kail. Then, Jon Olson. Finally, Paula Gillespie. How about you, Michele?

I picked up Brad Peters' tag. It was a good catch.

That's a lot of hugging, Michele.

You betcha.

Well, I think we had better sign off and rest up for tomorrow, Michele. Big day ahead for the IWCA/NCPTW conference. All day fundraiser for Hurricane Relief with magnet poetry. Tstaskelehs, the all-girl Klezmer band tomorrow night. Sessions, of course.

Looking forward to it, Neal.

Me, too, Michele.

You betcha.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Shawls, hugging, and stolen name tags: what fun! Oh, and I guess there are a few sessions here and there too.

Wish I could be there, but I'm headed today for Northwest Two-Year College Association conference.

So many conferences, so little time.

Lisa Ede

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